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I’m a French artist living in the south of Paris. As far as I can recall I’ve always been drawn to art, as well as cinema, series, theatre … And my firsts crushes, which ultimately bonded all that, were Star Trek and Labyrinth. I couldn’t take my eyes off Mr Spock and David Bowie and I was fascinated by how strange, a bit scary and mesmerizing they were. After that I was obsessed with drawing them and the beautiful Jennifer Connelly and her fabulous dress and hair.

I haven’t been continuously drawing since, because I tried for a long time to convince myself that being an artist was not a real job. But every time I fell in love with a  fabulous character or universe, that restuck me to my passion. Movies and shows like Willow, Interview with the vampire, The Lord of the ring, or True Blood boosted my creativity each times.

However, I kept feeling this resistance toward being a “real” full time artist. But one day I fell into Black Sails, and … Oh my … my passion came back like a giant wave of relentless obsession. Which was totally in sync with that show. I told myself that I would never ever stop drawing until my Captain Flint would rise, alive, from my page. And I surrendered to what my soul was begging me to do, and never stopped drawing ever since.

Finally, I understood that I was only sleep walking through life when I was not creating. Before that, I didn’t know where to put all that love these characters inspired me. Now I feel like I have found the best way to express it. Even more because I can share it with other people, and spread all that intense plenliness that they inspire me.

The illustrations I create are always centered around a character (sometimes 2 or 3). What I want to do, is to sublimate these characters. In a way I rearrange reality in order to make the mind of my main subject visible. What I aim to do, is to disperse all the little characteristics and subtilities of the subjects all over the drawing. The final result I want is that their essence is visible. 

My characters come from the movies or series that I love, and make them travel in different universes. And I take my inspiration from many genre like steampunk or post apocalyptic worlds, tattoo designs and compositions, fantasy or science fiction universes… I always want my illustrations to tell a real story. Every element has a purpose to extend that story and making it more vivid.

I also love to work on simpler compositions, focusing on more realistic portraits which I create in black and white or full of colors. For that I like to use diverse materials as well, such as color pencils, graphite, charcoal, white pastel… I also like using different sort of paper for this kind of work, like white, kraft, grey or toned tan paper.

Using many sorts of supplies is what helps my creativity. So my illustrations are always with mixed medias. I vary the materials I use according to the effect I intend to render. Nevertheless, I have some basics artist material that I almost always use such as a very good paper. Usually I use tinted or toned tan ones, because I absolutely love the contrast it gives to the various mediums I use. Alcohol markers are also a very good first layer to start and make everything else pop.

I also use micron or brush pens for the outlines. And my go-to supplies that I always use are color pencils and white posca pen. In addition to that, there are the materials that varies the most like acrylic paint or ink (that I love for steampunk or science fiction sceneries for example), or perfect pearls for a dreamy effect. 

From time to time, I really like to use watercolors. Especially when I want to add more abstract designs to my drawings. And I’m always open to testing any other art supply that would look nice on a composition.

  • Paper : Canson 160g/m2 (75lb) honey comb surface for pastel (in various tones)

  • Sketching : Pentel mechanical pencil (0.3mm is my favorite, and I also have a 0.7mm)

  • Eraser : Faber-Castell perfection 7057 and kneaded eraser, Tomboy mono zero pencil eraser, Derwent electric eraser,

  • Alcohol markers : Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers and Promarkers, Graph’it brushmarkers

  • Color pencils : Faber-Castell Polycrhomos, Caran d’Ache Luminance, Derwent metallic

  • Outlining : Sakura Micron and brush pens

  • Highlights : white Posca pens

  • Paint : Art alchemy acrylic paint

  • Ink : Liquitex acrytlic ink

  • Shiny touch : Ranger Perfect pearls

  • Watercolor : White Nights artist Watercolour

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