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If you are a dreamer who wants to live in a wonderland, a restless seeker of epic stories, if you want to welcome your beloved characters in your home, if you want to create for them their own fantastic lands, if you want to see them as fairies, pirates, cowboys, getting them tattooed, steampunked, winged, … Then I will be more that glad to be your artist.

I’ve been doing commissions for quite a while now and I absolutely love it. Helping someone create his vision of a special person and world is something that I really enjoy and that I think is very a deeply interesting ang fun process both for the person requesting it and for me. So let me know what your concept is, and I will help you immportalize this vision.


The following rates are for a one subject illustration (actual rates may vary depending on the number of subjects/complexity of the piece). I will calculate your project rate according to your specifications (as well as if you want a custom size).

  • 5.9×8.3″ (14.8x21cm) : 60€
  • 9.4×12.6″ (24x32cm) : 155€
  • 12.6×16.1″ (32x41cm) : 210€
  • 19,7×25,6″ (50x65cm) : 490€
Payment plan

The payment is due before the work starts. You can pay the total amout at the order, but I also accept payment plans for the projects over 300€. For these plans, I require a 30% deposit to reserve your spot in my commission waiting list, then I’ll start working on a draft in collaboration with you. Then you can pay whatever you can each month, and I’ll start the work as soon as I receive your last payment.

Request a commission

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in a commission from me. You can also email me at  for any other inquiries.