Captain Charles Vane – print
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“Captain Charles Vane – print” offers an exclusive glimpse into the world of Black Sails. This limited edition series comprises 25 numbered and signed prints. Each print is meticulously crafted on archival matte paper with inks designed to endure for up to 300 years.

Portraying Zach McGowan’s iconic role as Captain Vane, this print captures the essence of the fierce yet loyal pirate. . With a steely gaze and a fierce demeanor, Vane epitomizes the archetypal pirate : fearless, relentless, and unyielding in the face of adversity.

I crafted the original drawing using black, white, and blue color pencils, along with a white Posca pen, on kraft paper. These carefully chosen colors and posture infuse the artwork with power and intensity. It’s also effectively capturing Vane’s unwavering resolve and unyielding spirit.

Step into the sun-drenched shores of Nassau with this Captain Charles Vane print. Whether displayed solo or as part of a larger collection, this artwork brings a touch of swashbuckling excitement to any space. Join Captain Vane on his quest for adventure and embrace the thrill of the high seas.

(Actual print will not contain watermark)


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Print – Black and white color pencil portrait – 14×20 cm (5.5×7.8 in)


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