Crying Klaus – Print
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“Crying Klaus print” presents a limited edition of 25 prints, each uniquely numbered. These prints feature professional quality archival matte paper, ensuring longevity and durability for up to 300 years. The inks used boast beautiful vivid color, designed to withstand the test of time.

This portrayal of Robert Sheehan in his role as Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy captures a pivotal moment from the series. Klaus appears on a bus after experiencing something traumatic, leaving viewers intrigued by the events that led to his distressed state.

To convey the depth of emotion in this scene, I employed cold tones to emphasize the sensation of pain and distress. Additionally, touches of sweetness were incorporated to reflect the overall energy of the moment. Through carefully chosen colors and reflections, I aimed to evoke the full emotional impact of this poignant scene.

Add this Crying Klaus print to your collection and immerse yourself in the raw emotion of this beautiful moment.

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Print – color pencil portrait – 14×20 cm (5.5×7.8 in)


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