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“Ethan Spock Galaxy print” is a Limited edition of 25 prints, each numbered and signed on the back. This collectible brings Ethan Peck’s portrayal of Spock to life in colorful detail. Crafted on archival matte paper with long-lasting inks, these prints promise to retain their vivid colors for up to 300 years, ensuring a timeless addition to your collection.

The original color pencil portrait on toned tan paper captures Spock in a moment of inner blockage and profound solitude. Without the usual backdrop of stars, the drawing invites viewers to focus solely on the character, emphasizing his internal struggles and emotional depth. The absence of stars creates a sense of isolation and frozen time, reflecting Spock’s state of mind in this part of the series.

Created with rich, bright tones, the artwork evokes a galaxy color scheme, lending a cosmic aura to the portrait. Each stroke of the pencil contributes to the intricate detailing of Spock’s features, capturing his enigmatic presence and inner turmoil. It’s a testament to Peck’s captivating portrayal of this beloved character.

Add this Ethan Spock Galaxy print to your collection and delve into the depths of Spock’s mind. Each viewing offers new insights and discoveries, making it a cherished addition to any Star Trek enthusiast’s collection.

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Print – 14×20 cm (5.5×7.8 in)


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