Opalescent Tom – print
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“Opalescent Tom print” offers a limited edition of 25 numbered prints. Crafted on professional quality archival matte paper, these prints boast vivid color and longevity, with inks designed to endure up to 300 years.

“Opalescent Tom” is an original color pencil portrait on Toned Tan paper. It captures the ethereal elegance of Tom Hiddleston. This portrait features opalescent colors, inspired by the magical and enchanting qualities of opal. As I envisioned this portrait, I saw Tom as a celestial being, radiating with an otherworldly aura.

The background, adorned with the same opalescent hues but darker, creates the illusion that Tom emits light himself, further enhancing his ethereal presence.

If you appreciate Tom Hiddleston’s captivating allure and the enchanting allure of opal, “Opalescent Tom” print is a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the magic of this unique and vibrant artwork, where elegance meets ethereal beauty.

(Actual print will not contain watermark)


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Print – 14×20 cm (5.5×7.8 in)


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