Pastel galaxy Hugh – card
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“Pastel galaxy Hugh card” is a collectible, showcasing a small print of my original portrait, of Hugh. It’s crafted on thick, high-quality paper with vibrant color inks. It also boasts a stunning holographic starry finish, adding a touch of magic.

The original drawing is a color pencil portrait on Toned tan paper. It captures Wilson Cruz as Doctor Hugh Culber in Star Trek Discovery. Drawing inspiration from the character’s white uniform, the color palette expands into a mesmerizing array of pastel rainbow hues. These colors, combined with the abundance of stars adorning the background and Culber’s face, create a visually representation that immerses him in the cosmic universe.

This artwork seeks to convey the warmth and positivity embodied by Hugh Culber. Despite facing traumatic experiences, Culber remains a beacon of kindness and support. The serene and comforting universe depicted in the portrait reflects his nurturing personality, offering solace to fans who admire his resilience.

Add “Pastel galaxy Hugh card” to your collection and experience the soothing embrace of this captivating artwork. Each viewing invites you to explore the depths of Culber’s character, making it a cherished addition to any Star Trek enthusiast’s collection.


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9×13 cm (3.5×5.1 in)


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