Spectral Captain Flint card
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“Spectral Captain Flint card” is a collectible card. This is a small Print of my original portrait Spectral Captain Flint. It’s printed on a thick high quality paper with beautiful vivid color inks. And to make it special, it has a gorgeous holographic starry finish.

This portrayal captures Toby Stephens’ commanding performance as Captain Flint in Black Sails. The original drawing, created color pencils, and white Posca pen on toned tan paper, brings forth the enigmatic essence of the character.

Spectral Captain Flint embodies a haunting allure, infused with greenish tones to evoke the fantastical realm of pirate ghost stories. Despite his spectral appearance, Flint’s smile and unwavering personality shine through. This adds layers of both terror and fascination to his character. It’s a depiction that draws viewers into the captivting and mysterious world of the high seas.

Elevate your collection with this Spectral Captain Flint card, a tribute to one of Black Sails’ most iconic characters. Each print is a testament to Flint’s enduring presence and complex persona, making it a treasured addition to any collector’s trove.


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9×13 cm (3.5×5.1 in)


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