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Why I became an artist

Lately it seems that people want to know me a little better. I have been receiving various questions, but some come back more often. And this one I’m going to talk about is the second question I get asked the more often. The first being “and do you make a living out of your art ?” Which I find so insensitive and inappropriate (and I think I will talk about that another time). But today I wanted to answer to that other question : “Why did you became an artist ?” . Because this one is so interesting ! Not just because I get to talk about things that make me happy, but more generally there are so many various and uncanny reasons that artists can give to this question ! And this one really shows interest in a good way.

So, why, when, how … did I become an artist ? I know we often hear the phrase «I’ve always loved art since I was a child» and sure, that’s true for most artists and for me as well, but there has to be something more than that to really want to do it full time. For me there has been different steps and a combination of elements. And there even is a big reason that is the result of everything else.

So first , I’ve always loved art since I was a child … haha ! I did, I was amazed by all the illustrations I saw on my books, my birthdays and Christmas cards , the cartoons I watched, comics … and they were an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes I stared at some of those for so long ! I used to trace and copy a lot of these drawings that I liked and that made me so happy ! I even remeber that first intense feeling of admiration in kindergarden for the stick figures my friend back then was drawing. They looked so perfect to me that I decided that I needed to draw something as good as that. Admiration and wanting to replicate a thing I was seeing was a first step. I cared about that, that was highly important to me.

But as I said, liking to draw as a kid is not a good enough reason to become a full time artist. Obsession on the other hand is one of my main component. I’m one quarter human being (or sort of), one quarter glitters and one half obsessions. Which means that when I like something, I can’t talk or think of something else. There is something about characters and universes that just stick to my mind and don’t want to go anywhere else.

I first remember 2 characters who totally mesmerizd me when I was like 5 or 6, and that I couldn’t get out of my head for months : David Bowie in the Labyrinth, and Spock. Yes Spock was in my mind before I realized it last year. They were so enigmatic and beautiful, a little bit scary and dangerous as well, but that made them so appealing to me. I was completely in love.

Growing up I drew sporadically, sometimes that’s all that I did, and sometimes I did not do it at all. It was always taking me a very strong character or universe to make me want to get back to art. I have loved many things and people thourought my life, but each time I got back to my sketchbook it felt a little bit discouraging because I lacked skills.

So what changed everything ? Maybe you already know if you have read my bio or follow me on Instagram. One character changed my sporadic practice of art. Captain Flint from Black Sails. The minute I saw him I was in love. everything about him made me want to be him. Ok I know he’s not all good and is an arguable role model, but that fiercness, bravery, driven mind, and his green amazing eagle eyes just took my mind shook everything that was in it, and then … I took a simple graphite pencil and a sketchbook, and decided that I would never stop drawing until he would come alive on my paper. And he is such an incredible model. I still draw him regularly, and my hands always feel the familiar shapes of his face and it’s always the best time ever.

Why I became an artist - Captain flint progress- Lux Wood Art
Why I became an artist - Captain Flint - Never surrender - Lux Wood Art

Now he has totally helped me overcome my fear of not being able to draw something. Now I’m never scared of trying something new, and I kept the driven and intensely focused mind as a gift. And here is the main idea. For me, art is being able to express something that would make me mad otherwise. It’s taking all the feelings trapped inside of me and using it to show how it looks in my head. Sometimes I thing that there is not bright enough colors or nothing that can express what I want accurately enough, but I think I can get there and that I’m even getting closer and closer.

Why I became an artist - Captain flint sepia and rainbow- Lux Wood Art

I could have developped a lot more, becauses there are many other important points and stories and character, but I think that’s enough for today. But anyway, I hope this was interesting and helped you know me a little better. If you are an artist too I would really love to know the reasons why you became one ! Let me know in the comments ! And if you’re not an artist, is something stopping you ?  

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