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Dive in the stream of creation 3/3

Dive in the stream of creation 3

In my previous 2 articles I’ve talked about the artist’s block and how to possibly overcome it. I explored some of the reasons that we may feel blocked sometimes, and proposed some solutions. I you haven’t read them yet, you can find them here and here. But now that I’ve talked so much about the unpleasanteries, this is finally time to talk about magic. Finally I’ll dive in this stream of creation idea. And to talk about it, I thought that a simple way of doing it was simply by exploring various angles : how, why, when … So maybe at the end you’ll have a better idea of what I mean and why it a very pleasant and inspiring way of thinking and being.

Dive in the stream of creation 3 - Fairy lights on a desk and color pencils

First, let’s talk about “what”. What is this stream of creation as I imagine it. I see it a sort of immense wave made of inspiration, trust, ideas, colors, lights and life. That is a bit odd to describe it with words since it’s only a feeling, but when I try, that’s the result. So what does it do, what’s it’s purpose, you may ask. I think it’s to feel in harmony with what’s happening, and stop worrying or feeling out of place, and helping find solutions. It’s basically here to help you go where you need to go.. And yes, it’s magic ! So if you only believe in things you can see, this will not be your cup of tea. But if you like to think that everything is too mysterious not to be magical, then please, keep on reading 🙂

So now, why ? Why would you need it, use it, dive in it ? I think it’s because it gives some things that we often miss, like trust, letting go, faith, … I’m thinking of all the situations when you feel stuck and powerless, all these times when you think there is no hope. Like, when you’re trying to get pregnant, want a new job, looking for inpiration … Of course there are things you need to do for that, but when you ‘ve done what you can, then what ? Then you have to surrender and let the energies do their jobs. This idea of stream of creation, is that it will bring you exactly what you need if you let it, and know how to trust it.

Dive in the stream of creation - Dirk Gently pictures, Amanda Brotzman

But tell me how !? Well that looks a bit like meditation I guess. I don’t really meditate because my mind is unable to shut up, so mastering meditation is absolutely not a requirement. It’s just a close practice. I imagine this stream being the spirit of a wild animal you’d have to tame. You have to take time at the beginning to let it come to you. It can’t be expected to be here, fully operational and ready to be your friend instantly. You have to nurture it, be patient, and don’t get mad when it decides it prefers to stay afar. Summon it patiently, over and over again with an open heart and mind. And when it starts coming more regularly to you, don’t stop ! Always always keep your relationship with it alive and growing. Because it can totally leave you if you ignore it.

Dive in the stream of creation 3 - Dirk Gently picture

So “how” bis, with a little instructions for use. What I do, is trying to have a moment of quiet time, breath, relax, let your unwanted thoughts be there, it’s ok. And then, I put myself in a state of mindfulness. I open my mind to everything, every energies. Then, I try to be aware of ideas that don’t seem to come from myself. Ideas that seem to have been whispered to me. Sometimes it’s words, sometimes it’s a feeling. And when I recognize these, I never hesitate to follow what they’re saying, even when it’s odd. And they are always exactly what I needed. The more I accept these thoughts without questionning them, the more I receive them, and the more they’re effective.

When do I do that ? The most obvious moments would be whenever you feel stuck lost, in a complicated situation… But these moment may be to disturbing to try this for the first time. So I’d say to try for thing with less pressure, like the need of inspiration or being bored for exemple. Because as I said it’s a practice that need to be a little training. There is really no rule, try it when you want, when you need … Even just for fun ! You really don’t need to associate it with bad times, it’s also a joyous energy that help you feeling more in sync with the universe. There is no wrong time, no wrong reason. The goal is to bring ideas, clarity, joy, anything that helps you feel good.

Dive in the stream of creation 3 - Dirk Gently picture

And this is what I mean whe I say “dive in the stream of creation”. This is how I connect to for my art, for ideas, in moment of blocages, for untangling my thoughts … That’s so helpful that I use it as often as I need. And … that’s about it ! I don’t know what you thought about it, was that too odd ? Too obscure ? Interesting ? Entertaining ? Do you have questions ? Do you never want to read my blog again ? haha !! Whatever your thougths are on what you just read, let me know in the comments, I’d be so happy to chat about it ! And thanks a lot for taking the time to read <3

Dive in the stream of creation 3 - Dirk Gently picture
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